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Anita McCrohan

Anita McCrohan, originally from West Bend, WI, is an Assistant Vice President and Assistant Loan Officer. Anita received her bachelor's in criminal justice from Howard Payne University. She was attracted to the mortgage business because she enjoys assisting people in getting into the house of their dreams as well as being in a fast-paced and exciting environment.


Carlene Cohlmia

Carlene Cohlmia is a Mortgage Assistant and has been in the business of helping others attain the American Dream of homeownership for 33 years. Her favorite part of the industry is helping people get into their first home, moving to a larger home as the need arises, or refinancing their properties to improve their finances.


Shauna Hirth

Shauna Hirth, a Mortgage Assistant, grew up in Midkiff, Texas, living at an El Paso Natural Gas Camp comprised of eighty-two houses. She rode a school bus almost one hundred miles round-trip daily to attend school in Big Lake. Shauna and her husband eventually made their way to Arlington, Texas, and lived there for twenty-eight years. While her husband pursued his career in law enforcement, she worked in the insurance industry and raised their children. They returned to Midland recently to be near family. She and her husband have three grown children, a precious grandson, and two absolutely delightful rescue dogs named Lola and Louie.


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